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Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Better visibility and more clicks with search engine advertising

Immediate visibility, top rankings and more traffic – we deliver on this promise with our SEA service. Together, we develop a clever SEA strategy, write effective ads and optimize them continuously. This is how we create search engine advertising that attracts your target group like a magnet.

Search engine advertising with appeal

Together, we develop effective campaigns for your search engine advertising that lead your target group directly to your website. How do we achieve this? By developing a well thought-out SEA strategy and writing ads that are a real crowd puller. We also constantly optimize your advertising. The result: more clicks, more traffic, more leads.

Your path to successful search engine advertising

You want better visibility and more visitors to your website – together we can achieve this goal. To do this, we will define a strategy for your search engine advertising and answer basic questions like these together:

  • What do you want to achieve with search engine advertising?
  • Which target groups do you want to address?
  • Which keywords are promising?
  • How long should the campaigns last?
  • How much can the ads cost?

Once all questions have been clarified, we set up the necessary accounts, write your ads and place them online. We monitor your campaign and check the effectiveness of the search engine advertising. This way, we always know whether we are on the right track or whether we need to change course.

We value transparency in this process, which is why you will receive regular reports from us about your SEA campaigns. This keeps you up to date and you can optimize the ads together with our SEA team if you wish.

Our SEA service – your competitive advantage

Visibility – at the top of Google & Co.

Ads are listed before the first search results in search engines. This means that your ads start the competition from pole position. Another advantage: the ads are well camouflaged and look similar to the organic search results. This means they don't appear too promotional, which increases the likelihood that people will click on your ad – and land on your website.

Distribution – more than just ads on search engines

Search engine advertising with Google Ads also makes your company visible on other channels: Google shows your ads on news sites, YouTube or Google Shopping, for example. It's worth it: with over 90% market share, Google ensures broad distribution and a strong impact for your ads.

Attractiveness – more clicks, traffic and leads

Thanks to the increased visibility, more people will soon be browsing your website. And that increases the chance of more inquiries, newsletter registrations, sales and so on. We support you in writing attractive ads that encourage potential customers to take action.

Reach – increase brand awareness

The higher your website ranks in the search results, the better you will be able to increase your brand awareness. A good SEA strategy has an immediate impact, but also has long-term effects: Continuity in search engine advertising can lead to customers coming back over time. With us at your side, you will achieve a constant presence in the search results and stay in people's memories.

Control – maintaining an overview of the advertising budget

With search engine advertising, you set a budget for your ads and decide how much a click is worth to you. The great thing about SEA is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Once your budget is used up, the campaign is automatically stopped. So you always have your advertising budget under control.

Optimization – flexibly adapt campaigns

We always keep an eye on the performance of your advertising and inform you in our reports how your ads are performing. Thanks to SEA tools such as Google Ads, we can flexibly change course at any time: Want to test new keywords or different sales copy? No problem - we can quickly adapt the campaigns and check their effectiveness.


Want to get ahead with SEA? We can help you improve your visibility and generate more clicks.

David Rellstab


David Rellstab


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