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Pimcore – Data and Experience Management

#1 Enterprise Open Source DXP

Why Pimcore?

Outstanding individually, fantastic in combination

Pimcore offers award-winning solutions with its experience platform. This allows you to manage all company data clearly in one place. You have the option of organizing all digital products and important data, bringing them together and distributing them on all channels. In addition, Pimcore enables a personalized user experience on every device.

Pimcore PIM as a starting point

A Product Information Management System (PIM) collects all your data in one place. New data is entered directly in the PIM, while existing data is automatically transferred to the system via interfaces. With PIM, you can correct incorrect data or add missing information. This ensures that your data can be sent to various output channels in high quality.

The most important advantages

Organize, bundle and distribute all digital products and core information through various channels. Create a customer-oriented customer experience tailored to your needs on all devices.

Centralize your data, avoid data silos

Manage all your company data in one central location. You enter new data directly in the PIM and existing data is automatically integrated into the system via interfaces. You can then correct incorrect data or add missing data in the PIM to send it later in high quality to any output channel.

Efficient organization and optimization of all types of media content

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) module of Pimcore serves as a central media library in which you can organize digital content such as photos, videos, audio files or documents. Another aim is to make it easier for you to edit, find, archive, reuse, filter and distribute media data by assigning metadata.

Manage content easily and publish it on various media

With so many options, formats and output channels available, it can often be difficult to meet specifications and deliver media content in the desired quality. Pimcore is designed so that the output channel doesn't matter at first. As soon as your data is stored centrally, we can develop the best possible solution for the respective channels, whether digital or traditional.

Offer unique, personalized experiences

Thanks to the ability to segment aggregated data and information by target group, you can tailor your web solution precisely to the needs of your customers. It's the combination of the various Pimcore modules that allows you to create customer experiences that not only meet your customers' expectations, but exceed them.

Behavior-based target group approach

You can create target group segments based on a wide variety of data sources. Use web analytics data, activity information, demographic and geographic data, as well as external CRM or ERP data to personalize content according to your customers' preferences. The advanced functions for behavior-based targeting meet all requirements.

Selling products, offers and services online

The Pimcore ecosystem enables the implementation of far more than just simple websites. It is ideal for developing high-performance web applications that are suitable for a wide range of offers without losing sight of the big picture. With Pimcore, we can realize powerful online stores, web applications and even complex online marketplaces for you.


Thanks to our tried-and-tested methods and processes, we can develop solutions that are perfectly tailored to your target groups. Talk to us about your upcoming technology decisions and potential.

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