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Requirements Engineering

Analysis, management, consulting, process optimisation and workshops

Developing undefined requirements

Needs analysis

The aim of requirements engineering (requirements analysis) is to determine and refine the requirements. On the one hand, this involves the requirements of your company, but also those of your customers. It is important to prioritize all requirements correctly, ask the right questions and also take exceptional cases into account. Our project managers will support you in this challenging process with their knowledge and experience from our successful projects.

Requirements management

The defined requirements also serve to set objectives for the resulting solutions. For example, a website or a store. These objectives must be monitored during project implementation and measures taken where and when necessary. At the same time, however, requirements may change during the project. These changes need to be incorporated into the existing catalog of requirements in a controlled manner.

At the end of a collaboration, these exact objectives should be used for quality checks to ensure that the project meets the original requirements concept.

So what is the goal of requirements engineering?

The aim is to develop a concrete catalog of requirements and to use this as a tool before, during and after the project. We are happy to be your partner in the development, control and compliance of these documents.

Advice and Consulting

Approachable, innovative and customer-oriented consulting

Why do you need business or IT consulting for your company? Because we can support you as external consultants in relation to your project or digitalization in general. This means that we come to your company and go through various analyses, appointments and proposed solutions with you.

Thanks to our neutral outside perspective, we can provide objective advice and bring in completely new ideas and perspectives.

Together, we carry out an analysis of the current situation, collect data and examine the existing company processes. Only then do we start working and advising effectively. Together with you and your team, we develop measures and strategies so that the screws can be turned in the right places.

Process optimization

Constantly improving digital and analog

What can we optimize in your processes with our digital solutions? By digitizing your company using online solutions, we can examine the entire company processes and identify pain points. We then solve these pain points in a targeted manner with appropriate workflows, automation and role concepts. This digitalization offers new opportunities by saving unnecessary resources or using them sensibly.


Diversity of methods, creativity and participation in developing solutions

Requirements engineering, consulting and process optimization are all closely linked to the term «workshop». Workshops are used to develop the necessary information in close cooperation with you and your team. You can find out what the aims of a workshop are and exactly how workshops work in our blog post on the topic.


Our project managers have the social, methodological and technical skills to take your company forward!

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David Rellstab


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