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Inotec Sicherheitstechnik (Schweiz) AG

For over 20 years, INOTEC has been one of the most innovative manufacturers of escape sign and emergency luminaires, as well as the associated battery systems. Their customers can be as diverse as their products. The aim was to get every customer to their destination as quickly as possible. Be it a course booking or more information about one of their products.

Inotec Sicherheitstechnik (Schweiz) AG

2020 – today

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The challenge

There were various challenges when creating the new website for Inotec.

On the one hand, the data from the ERP system is to be imported into the PIM system via an interface and the products are to be made easy to find for the user via filters. All information should be available in 3 languages and different information should also be visible to the customer depending on the country.

In addition, customers will receive information on innovations via a new solution. Furthermore, users who have a login will be able to save various comparison lists and store them in their own account. Complete quote requests will round off the new website's range of functions.

In a second step, the Academy was to be launched and made available online. The focus was on complete yet intuitive course registration. Bookings should be possible for external, internal and personal user groups and be provided with a complex access concept.

It's great that new challenges are always arising, as Inotec is also very innovative when it comes to its website. This means that we are always analyzing, planning and implementing new requirements.

Reliability, creativity and commitment have made the collaboration an extremely positive experience. "Merci" to the whole team at instride.
Christin MeiselMarketing CoordinatorInotec Sicherheitstechnik (Schweiz) AG

At a glance

5000 products

3000 customer logins

3 sites


In close cooperation with Inotec-Licht, a complex system was simply set up that allows both the customer and the user easy access to the product information. The data is imported from the ERP into the PIM system and can be easily enriched by Inotec-Licht. The product pages and data sheets are generated dynamically with this data so that the user has everything they need to know at their fingertips.

With the Academy, the Inotec solution was converted into a multisite including a multishop. For the complex Acedemy access concept, we worked with so-called customer groups. These can be assigned manually or automatically. Thanks to this concept and the technical structure, it is also possible to display courses and later, if required, products only to very specific people, to offer some more information and much more.

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