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The platform of the Swiss Professional Championships

Stiftung SwissSkills

In cooperation with over 60 different Swiss professional associations, SwissSkills enables young professionals to take part in national and international professional championships. In this way, SwissSkills not only promotes young talent, but also turns them into media-effective ambassadors for the Swiss education system.

Stiftung SwissSkills

2021 – today

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The challenge

Right from the start, SwissSkills presented us with many interesting challenges and creative ideas. The initial task was to clean up the historically grown database so that SwissSkills could aggregate professional profiles, competitions, participant data and event information efficiently and without redundancy in the future. Later, the focus was more on finding a common way to implement the changes and requests, some of which were very time-critical. Always with the aim of creating a user-centric experience and optimizing the existing platform bit by bit.

We highly value our collaboration with instride. They offer a variety of services, from a comprehensive and flexible site management tool (Pimcore) to the design and programming of brand new website elements. In addition, they help us to analyze the performance of our website. Their solutions work even in times of high visitor numbers, during our big events. Their always helpful nature, be it through special training or by answering practical questions, deserves special mention. The team is not only young and dynamic, but also listens to our concerns, which leads to a professional and pleasant working relationship. Many thanks for the good partnership!
Oriane GachetHead of Marketing & CommunicationSwissSkills

At a glance

500 Pimcore backendusers

6 sites


Thanks to the newly created, centrally organized database and the use of an Algolia search (external interface), an advanced search algorithm could also be implemented. The error tolerance developed individually for the customer ensures that users actually receive the search results they expect. SwissSkills manages all media in the Pimcore DAM, and thanks to its multisite capability and multilingualism, it can also independently create and maintain trilingual event pages. In addition, its news is published automatically via the connection of over 300 different social media sources (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo). Over the years, we have mastered many other highlights and challenges together. Be it a backend login for all professional champions so that they can adjust their data independently, various database adjustments that were only discovered over time, connections to new external systems, etc.

Services in Use