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IGP Pulvertechnik AG

As a pioneer, IGP Powder Coatings has played a pioneering role in the powder coatings industry since it was founded in 1968 and recognized the added value in its products at an early stage. It all began with a visionary idea. In order to bring this idea into the future, IGP Powder Coatings was looking for a partner and a system that could cover the future-oriented requirements. The web application was getting on in years and was no longer up to date. The increased requirements of users and internal employees also needed to be covered and simplified. 

IGP Pulvertechnik AG

2021 – today

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At the start of the project, we recognized three major challenges. Firstly, the large volumes of existing data from the ERP had to be converted into an optimized and expandable data model. Secondly, the data preparation had to be set up in such a way that the customers and employees of IPG Powder Coatings could easily access, maintain and manage the data information. Furthermore, the web application was to provide IGP Powder Coatings itself with a tool to optimally advise its customers, simplify internal processes and create a basis for creating additional functions.

The integration of the PIM with the new website was particularly impressive. The ability to efficiently manage our product data while creating a seamless user experience for our customers is a big win. By implementing Pimcore, we have increased our efficiency and can now provide product information faster and more accurately.
Nina KreisherrProduct ManagerIGP Powder Coatings

At a glance

2900 documents

35000 data objects

9 sites


The scope of the project is large, is getting larger and larger and offers everything that makes the Pimcore heart beat faster. Here is just a small excerpt of the functions:

  • Interfaces that make it possible to import and export data from ERP to Pimcore and vice versa.
  • Comprehensive workflows that guarantee high data quality and involve all departments at IGP Powder Coatings. Information can be conveniently viewed via the dashboard and can be quickly processed by the departments involved, e.g. to bring a product or data change online quickly.
  • The data from the Pimcore PIM system can be used to automatically generate data sheets, which are then versioned and saved to ensure that outdated data sheets can be traced.
  • The same data enables product, marketing and technical pages to be generated automatically and made available to interested customers or sales representatives. 
  • In order to quickly find product information in the comprehensive product range of IGP Powder Coatings, filter functions help to quickly access the desired information.
  • Additional filter option «City Filter»: In a simplified virtual city, various objects such as facades, letterboxes, means of transport and much more can be clicked on and expanded with filters. Based on this information, suitable powder coating solutions are suggested to the customer for the objects clicked on.

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